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VGA Cable Explained

Posted by [email protected] on July 10, 2014 at 8:10 AM


A Vga cable (Video Graphics Array) is primarily used to transmit video signals. It is characterized by a plug which is composed of 15 pins, split in five in three rows. The Vga cable also features two screws with ridged edges, one on each side to ensure it is securely placed in the socket and to to make it easier to tighting or loosing. The Vga cable is used to transmit data from one device to another. It is mostly used to link computers to monitors. However, you can also buy Vga cable if you want to connect your TV screen to your laptop as this kind of connection is also found in video cards and high definition television sets.


The main function of the Vga cable is to transmit data and high resolution video signals only. If you need to transmit audio signals as well, you will need to buy Vga cable and a set of cables capable of transmitting audio signals. As is with any type of networking cables, signal transmission is a common problem that you may face. However, the Vga cable is still the best option as you will encounter less interference. Like with other network cables, interferences occur when running long cable lengths. In order to resolve such problem, use a VGA extender. An extender will transmit signals easily, without any interference. Get a VGA extender if you plan to use a Vga cable longer than 30 meters. Thus, to prevent signal degradation try to buy the shortest cable that suits you needs.


A wide range of different Vga cable is available at different prices. Models with gold plating on the plug or shielding to prevent the individual wires from interference are more expensive. Remember, it is essential to buy Vga cable that not only suits your budget, but will meet your networking requirements as well. Before you buy Vga cable, know that a cheap Vga cable means a low picture quality. In the same manner, a more expensive Vga cable means better picture quality and less interferences. Thus, buy Vga cable that come with double shielding.


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