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Best Way To Sail Safe

Posted by [email protected] on December 24, 2013 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Sailing is all you ever wanted to do but never had the chance or knowledge to start. Your wish can come true with just few steps that need to be known when setting on a sail. In order to stay safe you have to take water seriously and not challenge your skills with it since sailing can be dangerous if safety is ignored. Following few safety steps and taking good boat care will make sailing an easy hobby to have.


Basic Knowledge Of Boat Parts - Before even start to think about sailing make sure to acquaint yourself with common terms used on a sailboat and different parts boat has, for safety reasons. That is important since you can be found in a situation where someone yells “ raise the jib” and you won't understand a word from that. Regardless what type of boat you are going to sail ( catboat, cutter or sloop) still you need to know the names of all boat parts in order to make sailing a good experience.


Prepare The Boat – If you store your boat in a secure boat storage, it won't take to much time to check and prepare for sail. To be completely sure they took good boat care, inspect the boat from around and check all standing rigging and ropes that support the mast and check if the tiller is properly attached before your sailboat is ready to hoist the sails.


Learn To Determine The Wind Direction – If your boat doesn't have any wind indicator than use a piece of cloth to tie it the top of the mast. That way you will know which way the wind is blowing, and get the minimum amount of wind resistance you need in order to raise the sail. However if you use boat with motor then point it into the wind while you hoist sail.


Weather Conditions - All details matter when you set on a sail, especially weather forecast since you need to be sure you sail on calm waters and avoid any storms or lightnings that can be life threatening. You might have to change the course and approach the shore. Even though you are on the shore and not using the boat still secure boat storage needs to be found if weather conditions become worse. One of the things that make sail safe is to take good boat care in order to find your boat in a good live condition next time you want to use. If you lack to do that problems may show up during sailing and that might end up bad.


Clothing Protection – Water and Sun can ruin the fun if you are not equipped well. Whenever you prepare to sail make sure you wear waterproof cloths and life-vest at all time. Since Sun can be quite strong on open water wear sunglasses and apply sun block and lip protection in order to avoid any sunburns. Proper clothing protection includes booties, hat and especially gloves to protect your hands from blisters.


Follow Safety Procedures- No matter how long you are sailing or how big your experience is, never forget to follow the instructions and safety procedure in order to stay safe. In order to avoid boat from capsizing make sure you step as far in the center and not on the edge. Remember to use the anchor as a safety gear when you stop your boat and store the sail when not used. Store your boat in a secured boat storage when not used in order to leave boat dry and salt free next time you want to use.