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Reasons To Stop Smoking

Posted by [email protected] on January 29, 2014 at 6:05 AM

The fact that cigarettes are the cause of many bad diseases such as heart disease, chronic lung disease, cancer and more, is undeniable. They are considered as one of the important factors that could cause sleeping problems and sleep apnea. So you will have no other choice except to use CPAP device that will improve your sleep. The nicotine is very powerful addictive and the cigarettes are one of the most efficient drug ever create. There are many reasons why you should quit smoking. Firs for your own health. As soon as you quit smoking, your body will start to repair the damage. It is always better to kick this habit earlier but maybe still is not too late. Also, you can definitely save money because the fact is that the cigarettes are getting more and more expensive. Quit smoking is not only good for yourself, but also for the people around you. You have to consider about that especially if you have small children in your house. Aside all this important reasons why you shouldn't be a smoker, here are few other that might get you to quit this bad habit.


Beautiful Smile – Until you are smoking you will not have beautiful, sparkling smile. Despite you will not have white, healthy smile, nicotine and other elements found in cigarettes can cause many dental problems, including gum disease, bad breath, discolored teeth and even oral cancer.


Beautiful And Shiny Skin – If you want a beautiful and shiny skin you definitely should avoid cigarettes and stop smoking. Is well know fact that smoking causes wrinkles and leads to premature aging. The skin of smokers is a discolored and dry because of the carbon monoxide found in cigarettes which also significantly reduces blood flow. Because smoking affects good night sleep, people who smoke are more likely to have dark circles under the eyes.


Better Sex Life – Maybe you don't want to accept the fact that smoking really affects your sex life, but is definitely true. The nicotine itself and the other elements in cigarettes, reduction sexual libido in both women and men. Smokers are less responsive to the initiated sexual act and also are less interested in initiating. Moreover, is not unknown that smoking is directly connected with erectile dysfunction and it confirms the fact that man smokers are twice as likely to have erection problems.


Improve Your Sleep – There are several studies that shown that people who smoke sleep lees, have insomnia, wake up often, take longer to fall asleep, with one word they have sleeping problems. But this are not the only problems, there are facts that smokers are more likely to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Doctors trust that cigarettes are one of many factors that can cause this problem so smokers have to undergo to sleep apnea treatment. If you are one from many others who suffer from this disorder, maybe you should consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe some CPAP device that will improve your sleep. CPAP mask is very useful CPAP device because it comes in many sizes and styles which means it's very comfortable device for sleep apnea treatment. Because each of us have different face shape and needs, you may need to try different models of CPAP masks before finding the mask that is right for you. Do not buy CPAP device yourself, consult and work with your doctor to make sure you have CPAP mask that fits you and suits your needs.


Better Mood - Whether you like it or not, smoking leads to depression which make people who smoke more anxious than others. Often people lighting up a cigarette when they feel nervous thinking that it would reduce their stress, which is very wrong move. In fact, when you lighting up a cigarette you stresses your mind and body even more. So, if you want to feel happier stop hesitate and quit smoking.


Rise Fertility – You and your partner has been trying to have a baby for long time? Stop smoking immediately, both of you. There are facts that women who smoke are three times more likely to have problems with fertility. This is because components of cigarettes that affect ovulation process, developing chances of having abortion, cause damage to all your reproductive organs and your eggs. То мen smoking works by reducing sperm motility, making the process of fertilization more difficult then usual. So, you want to have a baby, quit smoking now.

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