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Benefits Of CPAP Mask Liners

Posted by [email protected] on May 9, 2014 at 8:40 AM

With the so many healing respiratory therapies, studies have shown that both CPAP and respiratory therapy are not so helpful for many people. Fortunately, the constant technology improvement have helped a lot, so nowadays we can take advantage of one CPAP innovation called CPAP mask liners.

CPAP mask liners are a soft piece of fabric placed between your face and the CPAP mask. Their main purpose is to solve the most common problems with CPAP therapy like:

Face Irritation – CPAP mask liners absorb all unnecessary skin oils that cause face irritation;

Leaks – CPAP mask liners can reduce and prevent leaks by improving the quality of the seal;

Red Marks – These CPAP mask liners provide padding in order to reduce mask pressure on the nasal bridge and your face;

Headgear Pressure – As we said, CPAP mask liners help in improving the seal, so the straps of the headgear can be loosen.


CPAP mask liners act as barrier between the silicone of your mask and your face, eliminating the usual problems related to the CPAP mask. But, what is most important, CPAP mask liners can provide you with all the needed comfort that cannot be provided by wearing only a CPAP mask.

CPAP mask liners can:

Prevent skin irritations and pressure marks on your face;

Reduce or completely eliminate the annoying air leaks;

Assist in more comfortable held of the mask in its place;

Help in absorbing the unnecessary facial oils and moisture;

Allow the use of additional bedtime facial products;

Give a comfortable and cozy full night of sleep for you and your partner.


Additionally, the use of CPAP mask liners can save you a lot of time and money spent on other CPAP mask and mask parts. Manufacturers recommend a daily cleaning of your CPAP mask and its parts, but with the help of these CPAP mask liners and their ability to absorb the natural face oils, your mask will stay clean. The end result of wearing these mask liners is spending less time cleaning your mask and spending more time in enjoying all the other benefits that come with it.


Therefore, if you are a regular user of CPAP mask, do not hesitate and buy these incredible CPAP mask liners. You can find them in every available online store who sells CPAP masks, CPAP equipment, CPAP mask and other CPAP tools. If you do not know any reliable online store, do research or ask your family and friends for a recommendation.

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