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Server Rack Accessories Guide

Posted by [email protected] on February 25, 2014 at 8:50 AM

If you are dealing with several network, or electronic facilities in the data center or just are in need of rack server accessories, there is a high probability you will find the product you need to boost the performance of the network. In order to deal with the cable clutter, enough place to store the devices or meet any of your specific requirements, you can find wide range of server rack accessories with unique feature set. Here are some of the rack accessories you can find on the market these days.


Shelving – You can find various types of shelving solutions if your equipment is rack mountable and need to be positioned in specific way. Modem shelves, fixed shelving, telescope shelving are some of the rack accessories that help you store the devices you have in a proper way, so that you can access them easily.

  • Modem Shelving – this type of shelving oppose to other rack accessories is designed to hold small pieces of equipment.
  • Fixed Shelving – If you need shelves in order to store heavy devices than the fixed one is ideal. Mounted on the front of the server cabinet, this rack accessory is quite stable and perfect for storing devices that are not light.
  • Telescope Shelving – If you are looking to store the devices so that are easily to access then look for this mounted solution.


Fan Units And Trays – For better ventilation of the devices you use, you have wide range of rack accessories such as the following ones:

  • Roof Mount Fan Units – These types of rack accessories expel air from the cabinet and do not take a lot of space from the cabinet itself.
  • Rack Mount Fan Units – This is a different type of fan model, used for moving the air in the cabinet in the direction you wish.


Cable Management – To prolong the life span of your devices it is always better to use rack accessories for various situations. Here are some of the solutions to solve cable management.

  • Horizontal Cable Tidy Bars – When you use patch panels and switches, it is better to use this type of cable management solution when organizing your server cabinet.
  • Jumper Rings – Jumper rings also help route the cables within the server rack vertically.
  • Cable trays – Another server rack accessories to manage the cables vertically inside the cabinet is to use the cable trays.

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