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Rack accessories

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Data Server rack accessories are product that will help your networking center work better and have longer life. These are top three rack accessories: Mesh Door, Single and Dual fan unit and Chimney.


Mesh Door for floor Standing Cabinets are most common rack accessories available online. These doors are ideal for securing small and medium servers.


Single and Dual fan units are perfect for getting the optimized air flow in your server cabinets. This model absorbs the heat from cabinets and is easy to instal.


Chimney models are accessories that are in demand right now. This model is suitable for 22RU, 32RU, 42RU, 45RU floor-standing cabinets.

VGA Cable Explained

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A Vga cable (Video Graphics Array) is primarily used to transmit video signals. It is characterized by a plug which is composed of 15 pins, split in five in three rows. The Vga cable also features two screws with ridged edges, one on each side to ensure it is securely placed in the socket and to to make it easier to tighting or loosing. The Vga cable is used to transmit data from one device to another. It is mostly used to link computers to monitors. However, you can also buy Vga cable if you want to connect your TV screen to your laptop as this kind of connection is also found in video cards and high definition television sets.


The main function of the Vga cable is to transmit data and high resolution video signals only. If you need to transmit audio signals as well, you will need to buy Vga cable and a set of cables capable of transmitting audio signals. As is with any type of networking cables, signal transmission is a common problem that you may face. However, the Vga cable is still the best option as you will encounter less interference. Like with other network cables, interferences occur when running long cable lengths. In order to resolve such problem, use a VGA extender. An extender will transmit signals easily, without any interference. Get a VGA extender if you plan to use a Vga cable longer than 30 meters. Thus, to prevent signal degradation try to buy the shortest cable that suits you needs.


A wide range of different Vga cable is available at different prices. Models with gold plating on the plug or shielding to prevent the individual wires from interference are more expensive. Remember, it is essential to buy Vga cable that not only suits your budget, but will meet your networking requirements as well. Before you buy Vga cable, know that a cheap Vga cable means a low picture quality. In the same manner, a more expensive Vga cable means better picture quality and less interferences. Thus, buy Vga cable that come with double shielding.


Top Reasons To Use Fibre Optic Products

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Communication is completely revolutionized these days, so using copper cabling is a bit of an outdated way to connect devices with one another. The truth is that optic fibre products had a lot to do with this situation, simple because they transfer data faster than all the other products available on the market. If you still have doubts whether to use your old way of connecting your computer, or simply go along with the future, then you should carefully go through the reasons why you should use fibre optic products. Instead of being stuck in the crazy cable mess, and experience sudden disconnection of your network, rely on fiber optic cables.


Efficiency And Security – When compared to copper, fibre optic products turn out to be far more efficient and secure for your network installation. Optic fibre products transmit more info, with a greater degree of fidelity over greater distances. That means a lot, if your work depends on the speed of the information transmitted. If you can't afford to lose connection frequently, rely on optic fibre products.


Immune Of Electric Interference – Since optic fibre products are glass-based , there is no need for grounding. Fibre optic products are able to eliminate any type of electrical interference or atmospheric conditions. If you don't want to worry about the threat of corrosion, choose fibre optic products that are water resistant and corrosion free.


Ease OF Installation – Since regular cables are ticker than the fibre ones, it takes more time to install. Therefore if you want to save yourself some time, you should use fibre optic products that are easy to install as they are smaller and far more flexible.

Advantages Of IT Racks

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IT racks are specially intended to make a room for computers, servers, network equipment and patch panels. They are frequently used in computer industries and many different organizations. A server racks are cabinets that are build to keep multiple electronic equipment such as IT accessories and computer servers for better organization. The basic purpose of using this server racks is to ensure simplification, storage and protection of network components. They also can help to make the most valuable space ensuring different companies don't run out of their space and require extra space for their IT equipment. This IT racks offer a range of advantages to businesses and here are few of them.


Smooth, Easy Network – IT racks are very helpful to organize and manage the network structure and for the better operation. Using IT equipment rack enables smooth and fast functioning in a free manner. The vital purpose of using server racks is protection of IT valuable equipment. It provides good storage, proper protection and manage all kind of equipment.


Remedy For Hot Servers – IT racks offer perfect remedy for hot servers. It's very obvious that overheating lead to consequence that affects the proper work of the servers which may result in total demolition. Therefor, it's essential to keep the temperature cool in arrangement to prevent your IT equipment form down time. IT equipment rack provide the best solution allowing perfect air flow and manage ambient air.


Space Saving – A single IT racks contains multiple slots one above the other that holds hardware units. The metal racks are used in server rooms, data centres and computer rooms that need minimized floor space and secure network resources.


Alternate To Server Room – One cabinet manage all hardware equipment which require need of different server room to manage with IT equipment. Thus, IT servers as server room are great solution for those who want of floor space. Choosing the perfect IT racks will aid cool, protect and will manage your equipment and give you space to run your business efficiently.


Network Simplification – Since, one can make place for computer hardware and other related accessories in one unit, makes the working process much easier and also make entire networking process more simplify. The right use of IT equipment rack will allow to be more flexible to connect hardware. You get access to many options for finding the perfect IT racks that fits your needs and specifications. IT server racks make your workplace more safer for your and your hardware as well.

Server Rack Accessories Guide

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If you are dealing with several network, or electronic facilities in the data center or just are in need of rack server accessories, there is a high probability you will find the product you need to boost the performance of the network. In order to deal with the cable clutter, enough place to store the devices or meet any of your specific requirements, you can find wide range of server rack accessories with unique feature set. Here are some of the rack accessories you can find on the market these days.


Shelving – You can find various types of shelving solutions if your equipment is rack mountable and need to be positioned in specific way. Modem shelves, fixed shelving, telescope shelving are some of the rack accessories that help you store the devices you have in a proper way, so that you can access them easily.

  • Modem Shelving – this type of shelving oppose to other rack accessories is designed to hold small pieces of equipment.
  • Fixed Shelving – If you need shelves in order to store heavy devices than the fixed one is ideal. Mounted on the front of the server cabinet, this rack accessory is quite stable and perfect for storing devices that are not light.
  • Telescope Shelving – If you are looking to store the devices so that are easily to access then look for this mounted solution.


Fan Units And Trays – For better ventilation of the devices you use, you have wide range of rack accessories such as the following ones:

  • Roof Mount Fan Units – These types of rack accessories expel air from the cabinet and do not take a lot of space from the cabinet itself.
  • Rack Mount Fan Units – This is a different type of fan model, used for moving the air in the cabinet in the direction you wish.


Cable Management – To prolong the life span of your devices it is always better to use rack accessories for various situations. Here are some of the solutions to solve cable management.

  • Horizontal Cable Tidy Bars – When you use patch panels and switches, it is better to use this type of cable management solution when organizing your server cabinet.
  • Jumper Rings – Jumper rings also help route the cables within the server rack vertically.
  • Cable trays – Another server rack accessories to manage the cables vertically inside the cabinet is to use the cable trays.

Most Popular Networking Products

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Nowadays with the technology going forward, network companies place a lot of network products on the market, that choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Before buying any network product make sure to know what you really need. Look at the list of the most popular networking products and choose the one that suits you best.


Cat5E Patch Panels - Networking products such as Cat5E Patch Panels helps organize Ethernet connections to a network. By labeling each Ethernet network connection to the patch panel you won't lose time searching which cable goes in which place but directly assist the problem that show up. This is one of the best networking product that also go in both horizontal and vertical orientation with 12 to 96 ports available.


Wall Mount Cabinet – This type of network product is the best space saving device that can be positioned wherever you want, either on the wall, on flat surface or under the desk. Wall Mount Cabinet helps organizing the connecting cables and thus clean the mess that pills up all over your room. This network product offers easy installation and maintenance and a safe place to store your equipment.


CAT5E RJ-45 Jack – CAT5E RJ Jack is also one of the most popular network product that is easy to use, and is intended for use with 23~24 AWG Solid Ethernet cable. Connected with Cat 5 cable, it provides faster data transmission. If you are trying to connect TV, Computer or other devices so you can watch video, play games or connect with your home network, you will need a keystone jack and a Cat 5 cable to make the connection successful.